Nekrosis: A leprosy-like disease spread through contaminated water. Possibly the same disease described in the Book of the Before-Time as “flesh-rot.”

Book of the Before-Time: A compendium of religious texts, historical documents, and Before-Time artifacts forming the basis of widespread religious belief in Joshua City. Author(s) unknown.

Before-Time: All events that transpired before The Great Calamity. (Contrasted with “After-Time,” and “Now-Time.”)

The Great Calamity: An apocalyptic event or series of events of unclear origin and duration that caused the migration of the Military versionSeven Tribes to the Baikal region, where the Seven Cities were formed.

Baikal: The region surrounding the Baikal Sea, the largest known source of fresh water in the Post-Calamity era.

The Lesser Six: Used somewhat pejoratively by citizens of Joshua City to describe the other six city-states of Baikal. These city-states are Baikalingrad, Ulan-Ude, Al-Khuzir, Kazhstan, Larki Island, and Baikyong-do.

Prosperity-greeting: A polite expression used to wish health and happiness. Each of the Seven Cities has its own prosperity-greeting particular to the beliefs, social structures, and economics of its culture. (E.g., for Joshua City – “May all your days be pure-baikal.”)

Pure-baikal: An informal expression with a variety of positive meanings depending on the context. Denotes goodness, truth, purity, etc.

The Great War: War occurring prior to the events of The Doors You Mark Are Your Own. This led to the Baikal Treaty, a pact between the Seven Cities to share the resources of the Baikal region equitably. 


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