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“If Vladimir Nabokov and Phillip K. Dick had mated and produced a genius baby, that baby might well have grown up to write The Doors You Mark Are Your Own. Inspired, thrilling literary madness of the best possible sort.”

Pinckney Benedict, author Dogs of God and Miracle Boy and Other Stories


The Doors You Mark Are Your Own is a dystopian masterpiece.”

Kyle Minor, author of Praying Drunk and In the Devil’s Territory


 “The Doors You Mark Are Your Own is one of those intriguing, compelling books that defy description, or, the impact is a reflection of keen imagination, surprises, a new vision, but yet one that is rock-ribbed intriguing. All I can say is that you should read this and enjoy it, since it is a rare thing, a very rare thing indeed, when something new comes into the world.”

Craig Nova, author of Wetware and The Good Son


 “The Doors You Mark Are Your Own is an expansive tale of good and evil, of friendship and loyalty, of fear and courage. A literary dystopia that is both an elegant and engrossing read.”

Damien Angelica Walters, author of Sing Me Your Scars


 “An epic novel of good and evil.”

Kirkus Reviews


 “The Doors You Mark Are Your Own is a stunning and ambitious literary speculative fiction novel that should be read by all who enjoy reading well written fiction, because it’s one of the best, biggest and most literary novels of its kind. It’s an unforgettable vision of a dystopian and post-apocalyptic world that is ravaged by a horrible disease and social unrest.”



 “Readers who expect a fairly linear storyline and predictable outcomes may find themselves challenged by the depth of relationships explored in The Doors You Mark Are Your Own. There’s nothing simple about its plot and nothing predictable about its action: only a relentless progression of special interests, contrasts between past and present worlds, and the motivations and reactions of all sides in an atmosphere packed with angst, anger, and desperation.”

Midwest Book Review


 “A richly imagined post-apocalyptic Russia.”



 “The Doors You Mark Are Your Own is a novel that wishes to challenge the expectations of genre work and at the same deliver a satisfying tale of young men taking different paths in life. The world of Joshua City is richly imagined and lovingly evoked. From this material, Elliot and Clement have written a thrilling novel of a world with much left to explore, so that the novel’s ending is no ending at all, but a propulsion toward future volumes.”

Heavy Feather Review


 “If you’re looking for an engrossing dystopian novel that flirts with theology, philosophy, and meta-fictional elements, you’ve found it here.”

SF Signal


 “This thing is a brick, and every page counts. It is a retrofuturist, Soviet noir, old-school sci fi novel that, if I may heap even more adjectives onto the pile, is complex in the tradition of classic Russian literature while reading as very steampunk in much of its aesthetic detail… This is some of the deepest, most multi-faceted science fiction I’ve ever read.”

Books & Whatnot


 “Balancing epic world-building and other science fiction genre traits with literary depth, the authors take some of the best elements from across literature to fashion an addictively entertaining novel.”

Atticus Review


 “The book is a prison-break novel. It’s a road story. It’s a political thriller. It’s a romance. It’s a literary examination of the divergent lives of two brothers who love each other even as they take opposite sides in the conflict engulfing Joshua City. Elliott and Clement manage the most difficult feat of all: they keep the narrative taut through the course of more than 700 pages.”

Serving House Journal

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