The Joshua City Trilogy is a post-apocalyptic literary science-fiction epic.

The first novel, The Doors You Mark Are Your Own, blends elements of Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, and Golden Age Hollywood. Sweeping in scope and often postmodern in form, the novel makes use of a fictional author (Aleksandr Tuvim) and fictional translators (Okla Elliott and Raul Clement), as well as various embedded documents, footnotes from the faux-author, footnotes from the faux-translators, and authorial intrusions of high philosophical purpose. Despite these pyrotechnics of form, the novel is eminently accessible. Its DNA is equal parts Margaret Atwood, Frank Herbert, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, and William T. Vollmann.

As The Doors You Mark Are Your Own opens, an outbreak of nekrosis threatens the peace among the Seven Cities. Mayor Adams, the tyrannical leader of Joshua City, scapegoats the city-state of Ulan-Ude. He declares war in hopes of accomplishing his true goal: uniting all of the Baikal region under the banner of Joshua City…

The Engineer of Souls, the second novel in the Joshua City Trilogy, picks up where The Doors You Mark Are Your Own leaves off. The city is in disarray and new power structures are emerging. Nekrosis has been cured and universal water-rights are imminent. But the owners of the water form unexpected alliances…

The final installment in the Joshua City Trilogy, We Are Messenger, takes our fictional translators (Okla Elliott and Raul Clement) on a harrowing adventure in skolarship from the Federated States of America to contemporary Baikal. Their adopted daughter, the erstwhile Pig-Hearted Girl, journeys with them and is mistaken for a divine figure. Our heroes overcome their fear of flying, investigate the dustier corners of libraries, and negotiate the difficulties of martyrdom, all in the pursuit of understanding the greatest author in the Post-Calamity Era: Aleksandr Tuvim.